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The Sims 4 New Scenario Feature

The Sims 4 had their Inside Maxis Livestream on Oct. 26th where they showed off some new features coming to The Sims 4 either in the next update or in the future. Watch the video below to learn more!


  • Launches with two scenarios (Making Money & Finding Love After Breakup)

  • Takes effect once in Live mode

  • Will have permanent and limited-time scenarios


  • A new way to get content to Simmers

  • Will be for small doses of content

  • Will not be for Expansion Packs, Large Bug Fixes, Worlds..etc

  • Simmers can expect CAS item, Build/Buy item

  • Will be free content (Not Paid DLC)

  • Program is free

  • The game will auto-detect new content and download via SDX

  • No release date but in the future

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