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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Hey, boo! Here is the Q&A for the Multiplayer mod I tested on stream a week ago. If you didn't get here via Twitch, then come on...

Shoutout to Adam, the developer of the Multiplayer Mod, for early access to this version.

I answer some questions I got during the stream but cut out in the video here.

Q. What version are you playing?

A. I'm playing the "online version" which is in Early Access.

Q. How do I get this mod?

A. There is a public version on Mod The Sims.

I don't know what the difference between the version I have and what you can download on MTS is though. Though looking at the MTS page, it may be local network. That is the version I tried months ago and couldn't get it to work. This "Online version" worked without any issues and it wasn't a hassel to setup. Of course, some stuff needs work.

You can check out the website or their discord with the channel log.

Q. Can you use events?

A. We tried using Stacie's playable job mod. She was still loading after a few minutes. Adam gave me a newer version to test out, like the video to see another part of the mod!

Q. Can you use mods?

A. Yes. If you found your way here via the livestream, then you can see we are using a bit of gameplay mods to test it out. You both need the same mods and same versions. You also need the same packs.

Q. Can you play on PC/MAC.

A. Yes. But you can only play with someone PC to PC or Mac to Mac. You can't have one person on PC and another on Mac.

Q. How many can play?

A. The max is two people at the same time.

Q. Will you put this on YouTube.

A. It's there now!

Q. Any problems saving your game?

A. I would suggest using a brand new save file.

If you want to know more, go to their Discord or the website!


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