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How to Download/Install The Sims 4 (PC/MAC)

Hey, boo!

This post is to show you how to download and install The Sims 4 for PC/MAC. Legally. If you're looking to not pay (for whatever reason) this isn't the post for you.

Alright. Now that they are gone. Here we go.

The link is for U.S. Origin. No. You can't add me on Origin. I will decline.

You need Origin in order to play The Sims 4. Origin itself is FREE. This version of the franchise opted to not use Steam like Sims 3. Which you can also purchase through Origin.

Your search will show everything for The Sims 4. Make sure you choose the Base Game with that image.

3. Buy The Sims 4 Base Game

You Need The Base Game of The Sims 4 before buying and downloading any DLCs for the game. It's currently on sale for $4.99 USD. Prices do vary per country because of #inflation and other economic factors of that specific country.

4. Download The Game and enjoy

Once you buy The Game, it will start downloading. The lower left-hand corner will show you a progress bar.

You can start playing The Base Game (ewwww), or grab you some packs. (Yea, you gotta go pay for those too). You can also start downloading MODS. My YouTube channel is dedicated to modding The Sims 4. Check it out.

If you need another tutorial, comment down below or hit me up on Twitter!

Happy Simming!

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Sep 20, 2020

HELLO! i have a question how do i download ur mods?

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