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Best Realistic Mod Creators

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Hey, boo! I' I'm listing the realistic mod creators I currently have in my game and that I make sure to keep in my game for The Sims 4! This isn't saying one creator is better than anyone or trying to leave your "fav" out. This is who I make sure to keep in my folder. We all have personal folders. Make sure to check out their pages to see what they have for you to install and download into your own Sims 4 game!

⫸ The majority of Stacie's mods are in my game. Here are my favorites:


⫸ I've used all of the mods Sacrificial has put out. Every time there is a game update, I make sure to have Extreme Violence in my game.


⫸ Ever since I heard of Basemental Drugs, I've had it in my game. It's gotten better and better with updates.


⫸ It's a sex mod. Do I really need to say anything else? Turbo also makes amazing updates. The realistic period system and the stripper system.


⫸ SNB Bank came out almost a year ago, and it was something that The Sims was missing. The ability to have separate bank accounts and stop sharing ONE HOUSEHOLD ACCOUNT! These two together are a great team. I love SNB Bills and the new realistic Death System.


⫸ Neil gave us the occult when there wasn't much to an occult. I loved the grim reaper mod that allowed you to be the Grim Reaper. Currently waiting on his new mod that gives you real conversations.


⫸ LittleMsSam has a huge mod selection that can either bring in a feature that was obviously missing from a pack or fix something broken from a pack. Here are my favorites:

↳ No bill for invited to restaurants, SimDa Dating, Can I come Over?, Food Delivery Service, Ultrasound,


⫸ The world maps look true to what you see while you're in-game. And the art style is amazing.



⫸ I wanted my sims to have crippling student debt with University. Zer0 gave that to me. Here are my other favorite mods from Zer0.


⫸ When we didn't have University, we were using Get to College by Zerbu. Also, if you make traits, you're using is Mod Constructor program. Once I stop being lazy, I'll fix the rest of my mods with it.


Nisa's Wicked Perversions

⫸ Be a hoe in The Sims 4. That's all I can say cause I'm trying to get ads on this website. Pretty sure I can't link to porn sites.

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